Charcuterie Classes

ALL SPRING 2020 CLASSES ARE SOLD OUT. Check back in April for summer class schedule options and dates!


Learn the history and techniques of charcuteries throughout the world. The differences in European and other international styles of charcuterie. You will obtain an understanding on the how-to when it comes to at-home making of a variety of charcuterie. 


Includes a brief overview of how Beltex Meats sources our local and sustainable animals/ingredients as well as a run down of history of charcuterie across the globe. 


We will also cover an overview of dried salumi/salami. Fermentation temperatures and times will be discussed and demonstrated along with the very important topics of pH reading and rH water activity in final product.


A thorough discussion on pates, including Pate de Campagne or Country Pate and differences between full pate de foie(liver). Hands-on preparing a Pate/terrine here in the butcher shop, and cooking and finalizing pate i.e. pressing it removal from terrine

The cost of the class includes a light snack of charcuterie, wine and beer, and a take-home bag of your own products!

Class size is limited to 10 people in order to ensure that all students have the chance to properly learn and ask any questions.

Approximately 3 hours long, beginning at 5:30pm and ending around 8:30pm. 

Beltex Meats, Beltex Meats, Beltex Meats Beltex Meatsut you.

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