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Beltex Meats is a butcher shop specializing in locally sourced meats. We have strong relationships with local farmers and ranchers and we are excited to be able to offer their products in unique ways to the Salt Lake City area. We always source animals that are humanely raised. What that means to us is they lived how nature intended. Everything we source is a pasture-raised animal, with lots of room to roam and frolic as all animals should. All of the products we sell have never been treated with antibiotics or hormones, and are never fed GMOs. This is the baseline we set for all of our products. We go above and beyond this by seeking out small lesser-known, and heritage breeds, like Berkshire pig and Wagyu beef for example. 


Beltex Meats was founded by a chef, so that will always shine through in our product offerings. In our deli cases, you might see items like sauces, soups, and ready-to-cook sous vide meals.


Because of our nose-to-tail approach and our desire to minimize food waste you will not always see all cuts of the meat at all times in the butcher case. Had your heart set on something that's not in the case? Let us know, our butchers are all very well trained and can steer you in the direction of something that will work for you, and maybe even save you some $!

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