Frequently Asked Questions

Are the animals antibiotic and hormone free?



Can I buy a half beef, pig, etc from you?

At this time we do not offer this service.


Are your products organic?

All of the animals we source are sustainably raised using organic practices, although they are not "certified organic". We think buying locally from small farms is "beyond organic", our farmers and ranchers go far beyond what is required for a certified organic farm and by not assuming the label they are able to keep prices down for premium meat. 


What type of meats do you typically carry?

We typically have pork, beef, chicken, and lamb. In addition to raw cuts, you'll find a wide range of house made sausages, prepared meats, salamis, patés, cheeses, and lots of broths, stocks, and sauces.

Do you sell bone broth?

Yes! Our bone broth is nothing but bones and water....cooked for over 48 hours. It's full of minerals and is very gelatinous! Because we make so much broth we do not sell bones for human consumption. We generally have pork and beef bone broth in stock. We make chicken bone broth once a month and also offer lamb bone broth intermittently.

Do you sell sandwiches?

Yes! But only on Fridays (porchetta sando), Saturdays (the cubano), and Sundays (breakfast sando). But make sure to come early...we sell out!

Do you slaughter animals?

No, we do not. 


Do you offer wild game processing?

We do not, it is not legal for us to process wild game in conjuction with farmed animals.

Do you do catering?

Yes! We do everything from your office lunches to your 300 person event.


Do you carry _________?

Probably! We have most organs from the aniamls we source. We DO NOT get sweetbreads, lungs, or green tripe. Give us a call for any special orders or large requests. 

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